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Monday, January 31, 2011

Zerg vs Protoss - A decent macro game!

Hey guys!  A decent ZvP for you guys on Scrap Station.

Instead of the protoss dictating the way I play, the roles are reversed for a change :)

I still need to work on talking and playing at the same time.  I only cheered my units on this game lol.

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As always, any questions about my decision making, unit compositions, whatever - leave it in the comments and I'll get back to you or post my answers on a future post!

I'll be setting up my 3rd tournament very soon!  The brotosterone Misc Open 3!!!!!!  Stay Tuned!!


  1. Hey bro, you remember seeing a thread where there is this cocky miscer saying he will rep anyone that can beat him? Can't remember his nick, but will recognize it if you say it. Did you play him?

  2. That was actually pretty sick! good job!

  3. Thanks brahzzz.

    Hey Chris, I didn't see that thread. Was he any good do you know? I'd like to play him - even if he was pro I think I could put up a fight, or if he is noob I can BM him with mass queens or something lol

  4. you know it's over when you're toss going up against roach hydra corrupters.

  5. Hey Erics, he actually could have taken my army. But when he went for my 3rd with only his stalkers and was where I was able to pick off his collosi :D

  6. looking forward to the new tournament!

    your friend,

  7. pretty good job man, keep it up.