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Thursday, January 27, 2011

FPVOD: Starcraft 2 Masters League Zerg 1v1 Tournament Match - ZvT on Steppes of War

Hey guys! Just a game I played yesterday vs a terran on Steppes of War.

How to do an effective 4 drone rush followed up by a macro game! Went a bit longer than I think it should have, but I have trouble attacking into terrans and finding those openings and vulnerabilities.

Video will be processing, but should be up shortly! Enjoy:

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  1. Very cool. Following as always.


  2. good post, keep up the good work.

  3. this game looks like a lot of fun, i would play it but i know id get too addicted lol


  4. goodjb...

  5. i can't believe that worked i'm going to have to try that. what's your apm btw?

  6. lol yea eric :D. 1 drone kill is good, but any more than that I should have the game won. Also I do it to delay barracks and mining time.

    My APM varies. I think that game I was at about 150, but other games I see myself at 180+.

  7. Looks sweet

    Follow me brahs!


  8. Looks awesome!

    Hit me up brahs