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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

cSObroto (Z) vs Kyo (P)

Hey guys! Please be patient while the video processes, but it should be up soon!

Just a friendly game between me and Kyo. Kyo is a very good Master's league protoss player who plays mostly just practice games rather than playing on the ladder. He kicks my ass most of the time, but let's see how he does here.

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I could have done a lot of things better, such as creep spread and properly droning and setting up my 3rd base. I'll be continuing to find places where I need to improve. Let me know if you have any questions.

Oh, and I'll try to commentate what I'm doing and why I'm doing it much more for the next vid I post up.

Thanks guys!


  1. you play dota?

    I follow back!

  2. man, makes me wish my laptop could run sc2

  3. You should play LoL, even though its casualmode

  4. nice bro!

    are you already in master league?

  5. nice work

  6. I wish I was better at Starcraft 2


  7. Does gigi and alaz still play?

  8. Hey Pinoy, yes I'm in master's league.

    Chris, yea they still play a bit.

  9. I need to get this game. Everyone seems to have it

  10. Nice game... you were really pumping shit out later on. Not sure why Kyo built so many cannons if he wasn't going to try a cannon rush or just VR rush... but maybe you would've been expecting that.

    Question though, why do so many people spam APM at the beginning of the game? If it's done just to increase endgame APM then isn't it just... kinda pointless?

  11. @Brightview Def sick game...though will consume a lot of your day lol

  12. LRL - I spam in the beginning just to keep moving and keep up the tempo that I want throughout the game. Forge fast expand is a good build, but I think the voids were a little slow and he should have had more. I talked to him after and apparently he messed up his build >_<

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  14. ah... if only i could run SC2.. guess its old SC till then. Glad to see a fellow zerg player tho!

  15. nice, hope you get him next time :)


  16. holy cow man, got my follow
    Your Bro

  17. im awful at this game seriously, following.


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  20. You would upload this game! Gg hahaha. :p

  21. cool blog. i'm an avid sc2 player but fell out of watching tournaments. this should help me get back into it. thanks!